Why Imperfect is Perfect-Jogani

Why Imperfect is Perfect

Dealer Anup Jogani explains why searching for “the perfect gem” is a flawed method of action. Think about this concept as it applies to falling in ...

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Ethical Gemstone Shopping-Jogani

Ethical Gemstone Shopping

Dealer Anup Jogani offer insight into how collectors can ensure they’re shopping ethically for a stone. An unethical stone is a diamond or gemston...

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How to Buy a Burma Ruby

Finding the Best Burmese Rubies The best Burmese rubies (as with other top gemstones) exhibit a glow that is a combination of natural microscopic i...

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Inventory Favorites

Inventory Favorites: Mauboussin Emerald, Platinum, Onyx & Diamond Art Deco Bracelet   Anyone who knows me knows that every piece in my vault is...

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