Love & Jewelry: Boucheron

If you’re passionate about jewelry, Boucheron is a name you’ll want to know. Frédéric Boucheron was a jeweler ahead of his time - an artist who created some of the most prolific jewelry items in history. He’s credited for inventing and patenting multiple items that altered the jewelry industry forever, and is known for putting out only the best quality products throughout his career.

Throughout his lifetime, Boucheron was sought out by jewelry fanatics to create custom trinkets and totems, and the jeweler was a favorite amongst anyone shopping for their beloved. In fact, Boucheron himself was a man in love. His wife, Gabrielle, was both his partner and muse, and she inspired the creation of many Boucheron pieces over the years. The deep admiration and commitment that Boucheron had for Gabrielle can be felt in each and every one of his pieces - and in that way, the jeweler made his love immortal.

Boucheron emerald and diamond tiara 1902

An emerald and diamond tiara from 1902, made by Boucheron for Lady Paget (photo source: Lulu Tuberose)

Boucheron’s Beginnings

It was 1858 when Frédéric Boucheron opened his first shop in Paris. The jeweler came from a long line of clothiers, and his decision to venture into a new industry was bold. Instead of turning away from his family’s craft completely, Boucheron brought his knowledge of fabric into his jewelry-making, creating ornate yet fluid pieces that flowed naturally on the body.

Boucheron’s creations attracted the attention of the French people, and in 1893, the jeweler opened up a new building at Place Vendome, one of the most prestigious locations in the city. Place Vendome is known for showcasing France’s “best of the best” - for being the pinnacle of Parisian elegance. By becoming the first jeweler to open up shop at this world-famous landmark, Boucheron shone a light on the jewelry industry that had never been shone before.

Boucheron at Place Vendome

Boucheron at Place Vendome (photo source: Foundation de la Haute Horlogerie)

Boucheron Through the Ages

In 1902, Frédéric Boucheron passed away, after a lifetime of solidifying his name in the jewelry industry. His son Louis took over the business and eventually proved to be just as innovative within the industry as his father had been. The Boucheron house only grew in popularity over the coming decades, garnering inspiration from many well-known starlets, including American actress Ava Gardner. Gardner inspired a line of diamond jewelry called Ava, with the center stone of each piece set in a way that made it stand out from the rest - just like the actress herself.

Boucheron Ava Gardner bracelet

The "Ava bracelet", inspired by Ava Gardner (photo source: Boucheron)

Joan Crawford is also known to have sought out Boucheron for her stunning aquamarine and diamond parure (set of jewels),  which she loved so much that she insisted on wearing it whenever she went on stage. Andy Warhol, who was infatuated with Joan, eventually purchased the jewels from her estate, insisting that they held her soul within them.

Joan Crawford Boucheron jewels aquamarine and diamond

Joan Crawford's Boucheron jewels, made with aquamarine and diamond (photo source: Diamonds & Rhubarb)

Frédéric Boucheron’s career reflects a lifetime of artistry, innovation, and dedication - a true immersion into the world of jewelry. Today, Boucheron remains a legend within the industry, forever remembered for infusing love, passion, and spirit into each and every one of his creations. 

(Featured image source: Boucheron)