How to Buy a Kashmir Sapphire


Kashmir Sapphires

A Sapphire is one of the most popular and elegant stones a collector can own. When it comes from the famed Kashmir Valley, then you know you own something that can never be replaced. The mine was discovered by accident, and only prolifically produced gems for a little over a decade.

There is an absolutely unmistakable glow to a proper Kashmir sapphire, the "Silkiness" emanates from incredibly microscopic precipitate that refracts light in many directions producing an aura of sorts. This is very different from the much larger inclusions that may impart a "Sleepiness" on other gems. Kashmir's blue glow is one of a kind, and is instantly recognizable.

One must look for a pure blue in Kashmirs, this mine produces the most unadulterated hues, and expertly cut stones will make sure that the less undertones of gray, green, and white are not brought to the face of the stone. Cutting Kashmir Sapphires is an art, as yielding the perfect stone is as much about the human touch as it is nature.

Kashmirs must be unheated only and untreated in any way. It is also imperative to have a certificate that is less than five years old from the S.S.E.F Lab, or the American Gem Laboratory, and for important sizes - Both are Required.