How to Buy Colombian Emeralds


Colombian Emeralds

Although emeralds can be found in many locations around the world, the most prolific mines reside in Colombia. Locals have been finding gemstones here for over 1000 years, and some of our most treasured ancient jewels are adorned with Colombian emeralds of the most interesting shapes.

The most prized of the Colombian emeralds exhibit this incredible depth of green that is found nowhere else in the world. These emeralds made it around the world hundreds of years ago, with the finest ones finding a home in the Indian subcontinent to be a part of the famed Mughal Collections.

Emeralds often contain a traditional soaking of cedar wood oil to subtly improve the clarity. Fine emeralds are accepted with a Minor to Moderate amount of such oil. Aggressive treatments such as an epoxy hardener are common, but we do not recommend this for collectors gems. 

Emeralds should be certified by the American Gem Laboratory, S.S.E.F, Gubelin or the G.I.A. The grading standards vary slightly and should be consulted upon.