Inventory Favorites

Inventory Favorites: Mauboussin Emerald, Platinum, Onyx & Diamond Art Deco Bracelet


Anyone who knows me knows that every piece in my vault is there because I thoroughly love it. I get excited about my inventory; I get emotional about my inventory. One of my all time favorites is this gorgeous 1925 art deco Mauboussin bracelet in emerald, platinum, onyx & diamond. This beauty is a one of a kind piece and epitomizes the craftsmanship and grace of the best art deco work.


The Mauboussin is the epitome of so many of my favorite art deco cues: intricate workmanship; the beautiful juxtaposition of soft, floral curves on an orderly, straight-lined grid. The piece has a delicate platinum lattice, and a beautiful rose feature with a sapphire center and diamond and onyx leaves, and onyx trim. Constructing this piece had to be some master artisan’s all-consuming work for a year or more of his life.


I also love talking about this bracelet because it represents so many of the characteristics I discussed in [link] treasure hunting for the best art deco bracelets. It’s crafted with awesome efficiency in the materials – there’s not an ounce more metal than it needs to hold the design together neatly.  It’s a bracelet that stays at a single bold width through the entire piece instead of tapering off to save money on labor and materials. But maybe most interesting is how the piece feels: the workmanship lets this bracelet flow and move smoothly – it feels like silk against your skin. Something my staff gets used to hearing from me is that the best jewelry should feel like clothing against your body. This Mauboussin piece is the epitome of that concept.


But the thing that makes the Mauboussin truly special is that it’s a one of a kind piece: there aren’t any others just like it. It was a one-off by a major jewelry house, and that makes it extra alluring in my eyes. I love important pieces that have history. This piece is piece is a gem.