Rose Cuts

Rose Cuts


While the brilliant cut is America’s most popular diamond, connoisseurs have been driving a recent surge in the popularity of rose cut stones, collectors loves these alternative, more classic cuts.


Rose cut stones are flat on one side and cut to form a dome of facets on the other. These cuts are from in an era before electric lighting. Rose cuts in a softer, more subtle way. It’s romantic! These cuts also let jewelers build rings that sit more flat to the finger. Their sleek, low profile look is beautiful and effortlessly luxurious. Flat cut stones take it a step further, giving you big tables and wide, shallow stones that can appear like delicate panes of glass or sheets of crystal. The effect is lovely; it’s architectural and powerful.


The antique heritage of the rose cut and the offbeat architectural quality of flat cuts evoke a timeless glamour. The cuts suits jewelry that evokes the greatest artistic eras of the past. The soft glow and vintage appeal of rose and flat cut stones makes them an excellent buy for the discerning diamond aficionado seeking something outside the norm.

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