How to Buy - Deco Bracelets

Throughout my many years of treasure-hunting, I’ve always gravitated towards Art Deco jewelry. I love the craftsmanship that high jewelers in the 2...

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Buying Emeralds-Jogani

Buying Emeralds

  Seeing Green: All About Emeralds   I’m a great lover of colored gemstones, and I particularly love a really great emerald. When you find a real...

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Fulco di Verdura, born Fulco Santostefano della Cerda was the last Duke of Sicily. Fulco was born in Palermo, Italy and lived most of his childhood...

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David Webb

David Webb was born Ashville, North Carolina in 1925.  He worked at his uncle’s factory growing up, and later at the age of just 16, he decided to ...

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Love & Jewelry: Boucheron-Jogani

Love & Jewelry: Boucheron

If you’re passionate about jewelry, Boucheron is a name you’ll want to know. Frédéric Boucheron was a jeweler ahead of his time - an artist who cre...

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