Discover the Beauty of this 1.50 CT Cushion Cut Elegant Diamond

SKU: 1802


A 1.50 carat cushion cut white diamond is a stunning gemstone that exudes elegance and sophistication. It has a beautiful sparkle that catches the eye, drawing attention to its impressive dimensions of 8.18 x 7.52 x 2.85 mm.

This particular diamond has a color grade of D, which is the highest grade possible, indicating that it is completely colorless and extremely rare. The clarity grade of SI2 means that there are some small inclusions or blemishes visible under magnification, but they are not visible to the naked eye.

The diamond has excellent symmetry, which means that its facets are precisely aligned and create a pleasing visual balance. It also has medium blue fluorescence, which means that it emits a soft blue glow when exposed to UV light.

Overall, this 1.50 carat cushion cut white diamond is a magnificent gemstone that would make a stunning centerpiece in any piece of jewelry. Its combination of color, clarity, symmetry, and fluorescence creates a unique and captivating presence that is sure to impress.

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