Unveiling the Rare Beauty of a 0.75 Cushion Cut, No Heat Burma Ruby


The deep vivid red elongated cushion cut Burma ruby is a stunning gemstone with a rich history. The ruby is a natural, untreated gemstone, known for its intense red color, clarity, and brilliance. Its elongated cushion cut provides a unique and striking shape that accentuates the ruby's natural beauty.

Burma, also known as Myanmar, is a country in Southeast Asia that has been a significant source of high-quality rubies for centuries. Burmese rubies are widely considered to be the finest rubies in the world, valued for their intense red color, purity, and fluorescence. The color of Burmese rubies is often described as "pigeon's blood red," a term that refers to the deep, vivid red hue that is unique to these gems.

The history of Burmese rubies dates back to ancient times, with references to the gemstone found in Sanskrit texts from India as early as 200 BC. Burmese rubies were highly prized by royalty and nobility throughout history, and were often used to adorn crowns, tiaras, and other royal regalia.

In the 16th century, the Mogok Valley in Burma became the world's primary source of high-quality rubies, and the Burmese ruby trade flourished under the rule of the Burmese kings. The British colonized Burma in the 19th century, and the ruby trade continued to thrive, with many of the finest Burmese rubies finding their way into the collections of European aristocracy and royalty.

Today, the production of Burmese rubies is limited due to political and economic instability in Myanmar, and the gemstone remains highly valued and sought after by collectors and jewelry connoisseurs around the world.

In summary, the deep vivid red elongated cushion cut Burma ruby is a magnificent gemstone with a rich history. Its rarity and beauty, combined with the legendary reputation of Burmese rubies, make it a highly coveted and prized treasure of the gemstone world.

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