Exquisite 2.76-ct No Heat Burma Ruby: Vibrant Pinkish-Red Octagonal Step Cut


Our vibrant colored 2.76-ct no heat Burma Ruby is a stunning gemstone that measures 9.24 x 8.12 x 3.52 mm, and is octagonal in shape. The gemstone boasts a rich, transparent pinkish-red hue that is truly captivating, and is cut in a Step Cut style that highlights its beauty and elegance.

What makes this ruby particularly special is that it is certified by AGL (American Gemological Laboratories) and is completely natural, with no heat enhancement or other treatments that could alter its natural beauty. Non-heated rubies are particularly scarce, and are highly sought-after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike.

Overall, this ruby is a truly exceptional gemstone that would make a stunning centerpiece for any piece of jewelry or collection. Its rich color, elegant cut, and natural purity make it a true treasure to behold.

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