Exquisite Pink Spinel & Spessartite Garnet Ring by David Michael Jewellery


Introducing an exquisite and exceedingly rare piece of jewelry from the esteemed David Michael Jewels - a magnificent gold ring showcasing a natural untreated pink spinel, Spessartite garnet and round brilliant cut diamonds.

The focal point of this exquisite ring is the natural untreated pink spinel, which boasts an impressive weight of 15.56 carats. Its beguiling pink hue is simply captivating, and its size and flawless clarity render it an exceptionally rare gemstone. The spinel is flawlessly complemented by a brilliant orange Spessartite garnet, weighing 3.01 carats, which enhances the ring's allure with its rich and vivid color.

However, the ring's elegance does not cease there. The design is adorned with 6.78 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds, arranged in an intricate and enthralling pattern. The diamonds exude an extraordinary radiance, creating a stunning contrast against the spinel and garnet.

The ring has been expertly crafted in the finest quality gold, with meticulous attention to detail that is synonymous with the David Michael Jewels brand. The brand is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing that each piece of jewelry is singular and of superlative quality.

The certification of authenticity by David Michael Jewellery is a testament to the genuine rarity of the gemstones used in this ring, ensuring that you are acquiring an unparalleled and exclusive piece of jewelry.

To summarize, this David Michael Jewels gold ring is a rare and magnificent masterpiece, featuring a natural untreated pink spinel, garnet and round brilliant cut diamonds, all flawlessly crafted in the finest quality gold. It is a tribute to the unparalleled skill and artistry of the David Michael Jewels brand and is certain to be cherished for generations to come.

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