When acquiring a jewel from Jogani, the process will be truthful, smooth and always educational.

Lady Purchasing a diamond from Jogani


talk to us

Have you found an item you love, but are unsure about how to proceed? Whether this is your first major purchase or you are an experienced collector, purchasing an important jewel is not always an immediate decision!  We have created multiple platforms to communicate with you, and we would love to hear from you. Press the chat button and ask us about our gems, give us a call at +1 213.622.9700, or email us at hello@jogani.com.

schedule a viewing

We are located in the Historic Art Deco James Oviatt Building in Downtown Los Angeles, in a secured private office on the 12th floor with fantastic natural lighting. We are happy to schedule you and/or a loved one to a private viewing with the jewel of your choice, and we offer photographic services as well.

photography and details

Are you interested in a detail that you can't quite discern through our photos? We are happy to take more photos for you, especially if you are unable to view the item(s) in person! We do all of our photography in house under natural light, and we do not retouch or edit our photography. We are happy to take close-up shots of an imperfection, blemish, faceting structure, or crafted attributes of a jewel or gem for you. We can even schedule a remote video viewing for you so we can have a chat as well as explain!


We provide insured, overnight shipping at no charge to you for all items purchased. Packages will be sent via FedEx, securely packed and sealed in a box within a box with no mention of jewelry, diamonds, etc. We will provide you with tracking information so the item can be received and signed for by an adult the day after shipping. We do not ship on Fridays or before Bank Holidays to avoid packages sitting in storage. This service provides peace of mind for both parties, since we are experienced in shipping jewelry merchandise discreetly and avoiding any shipping delays or risks. In the unlikely case of a return, we will also provide a paid, insured overnight shipping label to you. Please see our Refunds & Exchange Policy* for more details. 

contact Us

We are a small private company, and you can reach us in multiple ways. We have a live chat option located in the lower right corner of our website. That's not a call center, that's usWe personally monitor and post on our Instagram. Don’t hesitate to send us a direct message! Our business phone number is reachable between 9:00am and 6:00pm (Los Angeles time). Call, text, or WhatsApp. We check our email regularly at hello@jogani.com. Loved your purchase and want to let us know? Write to us! 


Thinking of replacing a piece of jewelry, refreshing your jewelry box, or is it time for an upgrade? We may be interested in purchasing your piece. Most of our existing customers have a very discerning taste, and we love trading in gems that Jogani has sold before. If you are new to us, we are happy to value your trade in for another item. Our inventory reflects our taste, and we are prepared to pay more than the typical jewelry buyer for antique jewels and rare gems. If not, we likely have a professional recommendation for you regarding what you would like to sell. Gems never go bad, and everyone loves them, so we can always find a way to trade in your existing treasure!

Check out

Invoiced check out. This service is available upon check out as the "Invoice" instead of "Credit Card", it allows for an Invoice with attached WIRE, ACH or Credit Card payment options. All of our items for sale require that we generate an internal invoice with the appropriate legal language, and payment options. 


Paying over time is an option for some of our merchandise. Our gemstones and diamonds are very knowledgeably priced, which does not leave us much room to create long, flexible payment schedules. We will, however, take every inquiry into consideration so that you can find that perfect gem. 

Custom orders

All sketch approved custom orders are considered final sale. Any modifications, and change orders will be subject to additional billing. Any sizing, repairs and or modifications to an existing piece of jewelry is considered custom, and will be subject to the final sale terms.  


We at Jogani believe that trust and verification are the most important parts of the gem buying process. We have dedicated several sections of our blog and website to educating our clients about how to buy a gemstone or antique jewel correctly. All of our gemstones are guaranteed as authentic by either AGL or SSEF, and our diamonds are certified by the GIA. We submit almost all of our stones ourselves, and we re-certify stones whose certificates are a bit older. Please take a look at our authentication page for more information about how we ensure your trust.


Why Authenticate?

Your jewelry and gemstones are a valued treasure! If purchased properly from reputed sources and with a good amount of knowledge, they can be a great investment! Would you buy art without a certificate of authenticity, would you buy a watch without the appropriate papers, or would you want a fake $100 bill? NO! The same exact thing holds true for jewels and gemstones!

Certification Labs

There are a lot of certification labs out there, but they are not all equal. The most reputable labs on earth for gemstone identification and grading are the G.I.A , S.S.E.F and A.G.L. The G.I.A. and S.S.E.F. are non-profit organizations whose sole existence is the identification of synthetics, treatments, and grading characteristics. The A.G.L. is a for-profit organization that only profits from gemological identification services and no other trade-related business. They are the de-facto lab for US collectors, and they specialize in gemstones only, whereas the G.I.A. is a lab that specializes in diamond identification.

Understanding your Jewels

It is very important that you understand what you are purchasing. Whether you are a first time or avid collector, you must learn how to use a gem loupe and identify the inclusions (fingerprint!) of your gemstone. Besides understanding all of the market forces, knowing exactly what you have and how to read a certificate are the most important things. For more information about a wide variety of relevant topics, please review our blog posts.