Do we sell our gemstones?

  • Yes, we do. Our inventory of incredibly rare and unique, antique diamonds and colored stones is very sought-after and ever-changing. However, most of our business is with the jewelry trade. This means we sell mainly to the people who sell at the retail level. If you’re interested in purchasing a gemstone from us, we’re happy to work with you, but we don’t operate like a typical retailer. If you’re a collector, or a buyer who knows what they want, then we’re the right fit for you.
  • We also don’t publish our prices in the open. This is out of our desire to keep the dealer-buyer process discreet. If you would like to inquire about a particular gemstone, please email us with your desired budget. We often get inquiries for gemstones of the same type that vary wildly in price; therefore, it’s important that you include a budget so we can properly address your needs.
  • Once you know the type of gemstone you’re interested in buying and have a desired budget, we’ll be happy to educate you on the nuances of investing in a gemstone. Good knowledge is essential to buying the right gemstone, and there are very important details to consider regarding certifications, treatments (or lack thereof) and desirable origins, just to name a few.
  • Making the purchase is simple. We provide plenty of information, pictures and videos about the gemstone you’re interested in, and once we’ve satisfied your idea of it, we’ll send you an invoice. The invoice can be paid via wire transfer or QuickPay, as well as with credit card for a 3% nonrefundable fee.