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Welcome to Jogani Gallery, a vibrant and inclusive community for jewelry artists and designers to showcase their work in the heart of Silverlake. Our gallery provides a space to curate high-end jewelry shows, fostering creativity and building lasting partnerships with retailers. We foster an inclusive community and collaborate with innovative talents who shape the industry's future. Discover our thoughtfully curated exhibitions, showcasing fresh ideas and unique perspectives that drive the industry forward. Join us in our luxurious and welcoming space and be part of the exciting world of contemporary jewelry design, fine jewelry, and handcrafted jewelry.

Exhibition fees and charges

Saturday Trunk : $2800

Friday Trunk: $2000

Additional Fees

Security: $500

Cleaning: $100

Vaulting : $250 (optional)

Deposit: $1500 (refundable 3 days after the show)

Listing our gallery on the C.O.I. (Certificate of Insurance) and having jewelry block insurance covering the exhibition are required. The part of the building open for the curated trunk show will be the "front trunk show space" pictured above, which is approximately 500 square feet. There are 4 4k cameras within the space, as well as two 70 inch TV's from which websites or continuous video can be streamed. Our gallery is equipped with state-of-the-art security, including surveillance cameras and TV streaming technology for a seamless exhibition experience.

Hours are a strict 10-4 for the show with an hour for prep before and hour for take down after (9-5 total)

Brand owners must be present at scheduled trunk shows.

Exhibitors are encouraged to engage in marketing efforts to boost their presence. These include strategic Instagram posts, captivating Stories, and impactful email blasts before and after the event, effectively highlighting the gallery and expressing gratitude. We actively participate in promoting the gallery through our influential Instagram account, boasting nearly 100K dedicated followers in the realm of high jewelry. Our targeted email campaigns, along with meticulously crafted bespoke designer spotlights, are specifically tailored to each unique pop-up event. This comprehensive approach ensures significant brand exposure, enhances marketing opportunities, and maximizes the visibility of all participants.

We are located in the heart of the most vibrant part of Silver Lake with heavy foot traffic, surrounded by multi million dollar homes. Walk-Ins are very common during our trunk shows. 

Join us in our beautiful gallery space and become part of our supportive community of artists and designers. Showcase your creativity and let Jogani Gallery elevate your work.
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