When selling jewelry to Jogani, the process will be discreet, transparent, and quick.

Lady Purchasing a diamond from Jogani

Are we a good fit?

We like to purchase rare and important antique diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. We do not buy everything, but when we do, we are the highest payers for the item. If you own a treasure fitting of our refined taste, please explore our selling process.

What we buy

Fine natural untreated diamonds

- Antique diamonds greater than two carats

- Unusually shaped diamonds greater than 2 carats

- Diamonds of color (pink, blue, orange, green) of all sizes

- Yellow diamonds greater than 3 carats

Fine natural untreated gemstones 

- Rubies from Burma, Ceylon, Vietnam

- Emeralds from Colombia and Russia

- Sapphires from Kashmir, Ceylon, Madagascar, and Burma

- Alexandrites from Russia, Brazil, India, Ceylon

- Pink Sapphires from Burma, Ceylon, Vietnam 

- Spinel from Burma, Vietnam, Tanzania

- Natural pearls


-Jewelry  from 1200 to the 1920s

-Jewelry that contains an important gemstone 


We require photos of any piece before evaluation. The more photos the better. Any certificates, documentation, or appraisals also tend to help.  Please email us at hello@jogani.com or text, call or whatsaap us at +1 213 622 9700

Preliminary Evaluation

Based on your photos, we will send you a non binding idea of what we think your piece could be worth, via email or over the phone. This evaluation will be the basis for which you decide whether selling to Jogani is appropriate for you and how we can evaluate your treasures further. 


 Once you have made the choice to allow Jogani to evaluate your jewels, we can provide an absolutely safe and hassle free shipping experience. We will provide you a fully insured, overnight shipping label at no charge to you for your item. The package must be secured by FedEx, securely packed and sealed in a box within a box with no mention of jewelry, diamonds, etc. We do not ship on Fridays or before Bank Holidays to avoid packages sitting in storage. If we do not end up purchasing your treasure, then we will also provide a paid, insured, overnight shipping label for you. Our insurance carrier is Lloyd's of London, so we have the best coverage worldwide.


Once you have accepted our binding offer via email, usually within 24 hours of receiving your item (unless it is agreed upon by both parties that we need an additional certificate), we can issue a payment. We can pay via WIRE, ACH, or E-Check.


We at Jogani believe that trust and verification are the most important parts of the selling process. We have dedicated several sections of our blog  to educating our clients about how to sell jewelry correctly.