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0.91 Carat Vivid Teal Kite-Shaped Sapphire

Sale price$2,400.00

Introducing our 0.91-carat kite-shaped Sapphire, a gemstone that beautifully marries contemporary design with the enchanting allure of the natural world. This stunning sapphire mesmerizes with its rich teal hue, reminiscent of a tropical lagoon's tranquil waters meeting an endless sky.

This gemstone's clarity is pristinely clean, allowing an unobstructed passage of light that enhances its vibrant color, resulting in a display of luminosity and depth that is truly captivating. The unique kite shape of the sapphire elevates its appeal, offering an extraordinary and modern twist to the traditional sapphire silhouette.

Perfect for those seeking to create a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece, this 0.91-carat sapphire provides endless possibilities for innovation in design. Whether set as the star of an elegant ring or the focal point of a sleek pendant, this sapphire is sure to inspire and enchant.

With its compelling shape, enticing teal color, and remarkable clarity, this 0.91-carat kite-shaped Sapphire stands as a symbol of nature's unmatched beauty, waiting to be transformed into a bespoke creation that reflects its wearer's unique taste and elegance.

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