1.20 Carat Enchanting Teal Sapphire Gemstone: Discover Your Playful Romantic Side

SKU: 1695


Ah, the lovely Step Cut Teal Sapphire, a gemstone as enchanting as the deep blue sea on a sunny day. Imagine gazing into its sparkling facets, each one revealing a unique world of color and light.

At 1.20 carats, this precious gem is just the right size to fit snugly in the palm of your hand, its weight comforting and reassuring like the touch of a loved one. Its smooth, sleek surface invites you to run your fingertips over it, feeling its coolness against your skin.

And what a color! Teal, like the feathers of a peacock or the shimmering scales of a mermaid, with hints of green and blue that seem to dance and play with each other. It's the kind of hue that catches your eye from across the room and draws you in, like a siren's call.

This Step Cut Teal Sapphire is more than just a gemstone, it's a symbol of romance and love, a testament to the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Wear it on your finger or around your neck, and let it remind you of the playful, passionate love that you share with your partner.

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