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Experience Opulence and History with Our Renaissance 20k Gold Ring featuring a Fine Burmese Pigeon's Blood 1.29 carat Ruby

SKU: 1651
Sale price$24,000.00

This re-imagined Renaissance 20k gold ring with a Pigeon's Blood step cut ruby is a truly remarkable piece of jewelry. The center stone is a natural, untreated Burmese ruby of fine quality, renowned for its deep, vivid red color that is reminiscent of the color of a pigeon's blood. The step cut of the ruby highlights the beauty of the stone's natural facets and enhances the intensity of its color.

The ring is crafted from 20k gold, a precious metal that was widely used in Renaissance jewelry-making. The gold is intricately worked in a scrolling pattern, inspired by the ornate scroll work of Renaissance jewelry. The scrolling pattern is a hallmark of this period, and the detailed and precise nature of the work is a testament to the skill and artistry of the jeweler who created this ring.

The combination of the ruby and the gold creates a luxurious and opulent effect, evoking the opulence and grandeur of the Renaissance era. The reimagined design of this ring embodies the spirit of the Renaissance period, where artists and jewelers were inspired by the beauty of nature and the human form.

Renaissance jewelry was often characterized by its intricate designs, rich colors, and use of precious stones and materials. Rubies were particularly popular during this period, symbolizing passion, love, and vitality. Burmese rubies of fine quality were especially prized for their deep, rich color and clarity, and were often used in the jewelry of royalty and nobility.

In summary, this re-imagined Renaissance 20k gold ring with a Pigeon's Blood step cut ruby is a masterpiece of jewelry-making, combining the beauty of a fine Burmese ruby with the ornate scroll work of the Renaissance period. Its rich history, luxurious materials, and intricate design make it a true treasure of the jewelry world.

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