1.62-carat Burma Ruby Ring

New to our collection is this striking, antique gypsy gemstone ring from renowned French luxury jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels. It showcases a gorgeous deep-red ruby from Burma (Myanmar) totaling 1.60 carats with no indications of heat treatment as certified by the American Gemological Laboratories.

The ruby is flanked by two diamonds, with all three beautiful gems mounted in platinum using the "gypsy setting," also known as the "flush setting." In a gypsy or flush setting, the stones sit flush with the band, leaving only the crown of the gems exposed.

This design follows closely what many say is the traditional gypsy-style ring, reportedly made popular by men in the Victorian era, where three stones are set into a tapered band. All told, this special piece offers the provenance of a master jeweler, historical appeal and the inherent symbolism of the three-stone ring, coupled with timeless elegance. 
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