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1.86ct Burmese "Pigeon Blood" Ruby and Diamond Art Deco Ring

SKU: 1981
Sale price$88,000.00

Discover the pinnacle of gemstone luxury with our handcrafted Art Deco ring, featuring an unparalleled 1.86-carat Burmese ruby. This extraordinary ruby, hailing from the storied mines of Burma, is a rare treasure, emitting a blood-red hue so intense it's aptly named "Pigeon Blood" – a color synonymous with the finest rubies known to man.

This ruby's journey from the heart of Burma is validated by not one, but two, of the most respected gemological certificates in the world: Gübelin (23102158) and SSEF (78064). Their stringent standards ensure that you are acquiring a gemstone of unmatched pedigree and natural beauty, with no heat treatment to enhance its already perfect coloration.

The masterful oval cut of the ruby allows for a striking display of its satiny crystal quality and richly saturated color. Measuring precisely 7.20 x 6.65 x 4.55 mm, each glance reveals the depth of its storied past and the meticulous care taken in its shaping. The ruby is elegantly framed by a halo of sparkling diamonds, each chosen for its clarity and brilliance to match the ruby's splendor, creating a symphony of light and color that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Set in platinum, a metal chosen for its strength and luster, this Art Deco ring is a testament to the era's love for geometric design and exceptional craftsmanship. The bezel setting not only protects the precious ruby but also provides a sleek, modern backdrop that makes the red hue pop even more vividly.

This ring, currently a size 8.25, offers the versatility of size adjustment, ensuring that this piece of history can grace the hand with a perfect fit. It is not just a ring; it is a piece of art, a slice of history, and a bold statement of luxury.

Whether as an engagement ring that promises a lifetime of love or a signature piece for special occasions, this ring is destined to be the centerpiece of any collection. It stands as an heirloom-in-waiting, ready to be passed down through generations, carrying with it the legacy of its origin and the timeless elegance of its design.

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