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10.11 CT Ceylon Alexandrite Handcrafted Platinum Ring

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Embrace the transformative beauty of our artisanal platinum ring, crowned with a captivating 10.11-carat Ceylon Alexandrite. This cushion-cut gemstone is a natural chameleon, shifting from Brownish Green in daylight to Reddish Purple in incandescent light, embodying the dynamic beauty of nature's canvas.

Sourced from the gemstone-laden terrains of Sri Lanka, this Alexandrite has been kept in its purest form, unaltered by clarity enhancements, which magnifies its inherent value and allure. Weighing a substantial 10.11 carats, the stone is a rarity, reflecting a symphony of colors that promise to enchant and mesmerize.

Artfully encased in an open bezel setting, the Alexandrite's full spectrum is showcased through the expertly crafted platinum wiring, ensuring every hue transitions flawlessly under varying light. With AGL certification and precise dimensions of 13.03 x 12.01 x 7.00 mm, its excellence and integrity are beyond question.

This ring, a size 6 with the option for customization, is not merely an accessory—it is a legacy. Crafted by hand with passion and precision, it stands as a celebration of the artistry that bridges the natural and the crafted world, offering an heirloom that will captivate now and for all time.

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