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10ct No Heat Ceylon Sapphire

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Discover the exceptional beauty of our 10.00-carat Ceylon Sapphire, certified by Gubelin (report number 21112162). This remarkable gem, hailing from the esteemed mines of Ceylon, is celebrated for its captivating royal blue hue and pristine natural condition. With no indications of heating, this sapphire retains its authentic color and brilliance, as nature intended.

The sapphire's impressive measurements of 13.35 x 9.94 x 7.20 mm accentuate its majestic presence, while its clean clarity and elegant step cut amplify its allure. The gem's satiny crystal quality coupled with its unheated status not only underscores its rarity but also its desirability among connoisseurs and collectors.

Ideal for those who appreciate the splendor of unaltered natural gems, this Ceylon sapphire embodies the epitome of refined elegance. Whether set in an engagement ring, a signature piece of fine jewelry, or kept as a treasured heirloom, this sapphire is a testament to the timeless beauty and grandeur of the earth's treasures.

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