12.04 Carat Cushion Cut No Heat Ceylon Sapphire: A Regal Gemstone of Exceptional Beauty


Gaze upon this magnificent 12.04 carat cushion cut no heat Ceylon Sapphire, a gemstone fit for royalty and connoisseurs of fine jewelry. Its stunning purple-blue hue is a testament to the rich history and cultural significance of this precious stone.

The Ceylon Sapphire, also known as the Sri Lankan Sapphire, has been highly prized for centuries due to its exceptional color and clarity. In ancient times, it was believed to protect its wearer from harm and bring good fortune. The famous British Crown Jewels contain several Ceylon Sapphires, including the iconic St. Edward's Sapphire, which was set into the Imperial State Crown in 1937.

But what sets this particular Sapphire apart is its no heat treatment. This means that the gemstone has not been subjected to any artificial heating to enhance its color or clarity, which is a rarity in the world of gemstones. This makes the 12.04 carat cushion cut Ceylon Sapphire even more precious and valuable.

Despite its regal history and sophistication, there is a playful charm to this gemstone. The cushion cut gives it a soft, pillow-like appearance, inviting you to curl up with it and admire its beauty. The purple-blue color is reminiscent of a summer sky at dusk, with a hint of mystery and romance.

In summary, this 12.04 carat cushion cut no heat Ceylon Sapphire is a gemstone of exceptional beauty and value, with a rich history and cultural significance that adds to its allure. It is both playful and sophisticated, evoking a sense of wonder and charm that will captivate anyone who lays eyes on it.

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