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12ct Cabochon Emerald and Platinum Filigree Ring

SKU: 2058
Sale price$47,000.00

Elevate your jewelry collection with this exquisite platinum ring, featuring a sumptuous 12-carat cabochon emerald. This centerpiece stone boasts a deep, lush green, synonymous with elegance and regality. Its cabochon cut, polished to a smooth, domed finish, allows the natural beauty and color of the emerald to take center stage, accentuated by an open bezel setting that enhances its brilliance with every movement.

The band of the ring reveals a story of craftsmanship and intricate detail. Adorning the shoulders is a pattern of ornamental filigree work, displaying the intricate platinum craftsmanship typical of a bygone era. This delicate embellishment adds a layer of sophistication and texture to the piece, invoking the romantic charm of vintage jewelry.

This ring is currently sized at 5.5, yet offers the possibility for adjustment to ensure the perfect fit for its wearer. It is not simply a piece of adornment but a wearable work of art, promising to become a beloved heirloom. Whether chosen as a symbol of personal significance or for its striking aesthetic, this emerald ring stands as a testament to the enduring allure of fine gemstones set within exquisite metalwork.

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