14.39 Round White Diamond - SKU 1739

SKU: 1739

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Destined for a jewel that captures its effervescence, this captivating 14.39-carat diamond has a natural faint-brown color with warm champagne tones spread enchantingly throughout its vintage form.

The diamond is fashioned in the Old European cut and possesses all the handcrafted artistry of the design: a smaller table, higher crown, large culet visible from the table, and 58 facets just like the modern round brilliant cut. However, these facets are larger and chunkier, creating a fine inner fire when they react to light.

It also shows the small imperfections in shape and symmetry known to Old Euros, as they were created before the use of today’s diamond-cutting technology. As such, it creates a special, one-of-a-kind stone, just waiting to be celebrated.

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