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15.33 Carat Cushion Colombian Emerald - Stunning Rare Gemstone from Colombia

SKU: 1009
Sale price$24,000.00

Introducing this breathtaking 15.33 carat cushion Colombian Emerald, an exquisite gemstone that will leave you in awe. This rare emerald boasts a stunning deep green color, characteristic of Colombian emeralds.

The cushion cut of this emerald provides a classic and elegant look, enhancing the gem's natural beauty and brilliance. Its large size and impressive weight make it a true statement piece, perfect for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their jewelry collection.

This emerald is sourced from Colombia, ensuring that it is not only beautiful but also responsibly obtained. It has been expertly cut and polished to bring out its natural beauty and unique character.

Whether you're searching for a special gift for a loved one or looking to treat yourself, this 15.33 carat cushion Colombian Emerald is a one-of-a-kind gem that will be cherished for generations to come.

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