15.36 Carat Pink Spinel from Burma with Antique Cushion Cut - A Majestic Beauty


Behold the Magnificent Beauty of a 15.36 Carat Spinel from Burma - An Extraordinary Gem with a Rich History

Journey back in time to a world of opulence and grandeur, where gemstones were the symbol of royalty and power. The Burmese spinel has long been revered for its intense color and exceptional brilliance, and this 15.36 carat gem with its antique cushion cut and spready proportions is no exception. Spared any heat treatment.

The breathtakingly pink hue of this spinel is unparalleled, with a depth and intensity that captures the essence of romance and majesty. Its antique cushion cut, with its large facets and soft curves, is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of a bygone era.

But the true beauty of this gem lies in its rich history. For centuries, the mines of Burma have yielded some of the world's finest spinel's, cherished by kings and queens alike. The allure of these gems has sparked wars, fueled trade, and captivated the hearts of many.

As you gaze upon this magnificent gem, you too will be transported to a world of beauty and splendor. Wear it with pride, and let the legacy of the Burmese spinel live on through the ages.

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