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15.68-Carat Step Cut Diamond: The Persian Sunset Gemstone

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Unveiling the remarkable charm of our exceptional 15.68-carat Step Cut Diamond, echoing the hues of a deep Persian sunset. This gem, warm and inviting, mesmerizes and enchants with its brilliant quality. Free from visible inclusions, the diamond exudes a dance of light that is nothing short of spectacular.

The diamond’s exquisite step cut magnifies its substantial size and amplifies its distinctive brown-orange color. It presents a visually captivating performance that leaves a lasting impression. This natural, fancy brown-orange diamond also boasts a VVS2 clarity grade, implying minimal inclusions, invisible to the naked eye.

In your role as a distinguished gem collector or an innovative jewelry designer, consider pairing this diamond with the captivating 13.44-carat Spinel. This Spinel hails from the renowned mines of Tajikistan, a source known for its high-quality, vibrant gemstones. It displays an unheated, deep rose-pink color that sings in harmony with the warm hues of the diamond. The interplay of these color spectrums could lead to an unmatched creation of art.

Imagine the stunning jewelry you could design with these two: a tantalizing pendant, a grand brooch, or an iconic statement ring. The design possibilities are endless, and the resultant masterpiece is certain to be an awe-inspiring spectacle.

The pairing of the 15.68-carat diamond, with its evocative Persian sunset hue, and the no-heat, deep rose-pink Spinel from Tajikistan, offers an unprecedented opportunity to curate a one-of-a-kind piece. Explore the depths of your creativity and indulge in the grandeur of these extraordinary gemstones.

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