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18-Carat Vivid Royal Blue Star Sapphire Gentleman's Ring

SKU: 1929
Sale price$77,000.00

Delve into the depths of luxury with Jogani's expertly crafted gentleman's ring. The central masterpiece of this ring is a mesmerizing Star Sapphire, weighing approximately 18 carats. Its vivid Royal blue hue is brilliantly contrasted by the distinctive star-like pattern that dances across its surface under the light, a captivating natural phenomenon that few sapphires possess.

Set in the rich allure of 18K gold, the oval-shaped sapphire showcases an immaculate clarity. The bezel setting, a classic choice, not only accentuates the sapphire's charm but also offers the gem optimal protection. The vintage-inspired design paired with the bespoke handmade craftsmanship speaks volumes of Jogani's commitment to artistry and precision.

A gentleman's ring, size 8, this piece is perfectly tailored for those who appreciate the sublime blend of tradition and elegance. Beyond being just a jewel, it stands as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship, an embodiment of luxury in every sense.

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