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19.74-Ct No Heat Burma Light Greenish-Blue Sapphire

SKU: 1984
Sale price$75,000.00

This 19.74-carat cushion-cut sapphire exudes a distinct allure with its enchanting mint green hue, evoking the serene essence of a clear sky on a sunlit day. Its remarkable clarity ensures a pristine and transparent appearance, amplifying its inherent brilliance.

Crafted with precision and adorned with brilliant facets, this sapphire effortlessly captures and reflects light, bestowing upon it a subtle yet mesmerizing sparkle. Its substantial size offers versatility, presenting endless possibilities for bespoke jewelry designs.

Embracing a charm rooted in simplicity, this sapphire embodies an authentic beauty that captivates effortlessly. Perfect for those seeking a sizable yet understated gemstone, it harmonizes generous proportions with a refreshing color and impeccable clarity.

More than a mere gemstone, this sapphire serves as a blank canvas for creativity and sophistication, poised to grace any setting with its presence. Whether adorning a ring, pendant, or earrings, it promises to ignite conversations and infuse elegance into every moment.

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