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19.80 Royal Blue to Purple Color-Change No Heat Star Sapphire

SKU: 1929
Sale price$88,000.00

Presenting an enchanting 19.80 carat Star Sapphire, certified by AGL, originating from the storied mines of Burma. This precious gemstone, untouched by heat or clarity enhancement, reveals the raw and natural splendor that Burma's sapphires are famed for. The oval cabochon cut serves as the perfect canvas for the star effect, known as asterism, to play out its captivating dance of light.

With AGL certification number 1134942, this Star Sapphire's authenticity and natural beauty are beyond question. The stone's deep colors and mesmerizing star pattern offer a glimpse into the heart of Burma's rich gemological heritage. A testament to nature's artistry, this gemstone promises to ignite the imagination and inspire a legacy of breathtaking jewelry.

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