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2.02 CT Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond

SKU: 2047
Sale price$20,000.00

Discover the refined elegance of this 2.02-carat elongated cushion cut diamond, a pristine testament to classic beauty and contemporary charm. Certified by GIA, this white gemstone is a paragon of clarity and precision, with a brilliant sparkle that captivates from every angle.

Embrace the harmony of light and form with this diamond's elongated cushion cut, a shape that enhances its inherent luster and white hue, providing a sophisticated silhouette perfect for an array of exquisite jewelry designs. Measuring 13.69 x 5.50 x 2.77 mm, the diamond's proportions offer a grand visual impact, ensuring a commanding presence as the centerpiece of your most beloved adornment.

This diamond is distinguished by its SI2 clarity grade, indicating slight inclusions that do not detract from its radiant beauty, but rather, add character to its appearance. With its GIA certification (Report No. 1488118342), this diamond's allure is matched by its authenticated quality, offering peace of mind alongside unparalleled elegance.

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