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2.31-Carat Old Mine Brilliant Diamond Gold Ring

SKU: 1916
Sale price$20,000.00

The distinguished presence of our 2.31-carat Old Mine Brilliant diamond now superbly set in a gold ring evokes nature's artistry and the rich heritage of diamond cutting. This extraordinary gemstone, with its deep brownish orangy-yellow shade, mirrors the unique glow of an autumn sunset, embodying natural warmth and elegance.

Certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA Certificate No. 5234154803), the diamond's generous dimensions are skillfully fashioned into an Old Mine Brilliant cut, a nod to the charm of vintage aesthetics. The cut showcases rounded corners and a pronounced culet, highlighting the stone's full-bodied silhouette and luminous faceting. With its measurements of 8.20 x 6.81 x 5.09 mm, the diamond's considerable size and SI2 clarity amplify its character, allowing the fancy deep color to emanate with a personal and enchanting appeal.

Encased in a gold open bezel setting that enhances its visibility and light capture, the diamond's rich amber tones and entrancing brilliance are on full display, creating a piece that resonates with emotion. Whether it's the focal point of an engagement ring or the central feature of a custom-made necklace, this diamond in its new gold ring setting is poised to be the pinnacle of any assemblage, promising a heritage of splendor and an unmatched declaration of opulence.

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