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2.31-Carat Old Mine Brilliant Diamond Gold Ring

SKU: 1916
Sale price$20,000.00

Handcrafted with a reverence for the past and an eye for contemporary elegance, this size 7 gold ring, adjustable to ensure the perfect fit, is crowned with a majestic 2.31-carat Old Mine Brilliant diamond. Its brownish orangy-yellow hue is reminiscent of the rich palette of an autumnal dusk, lending a touch of nature's splendor to this exquisite piece.

GIA-certified (No. 5234154803), the diamond's notable size and SI2 clarity are amplified by its heritage-rich Old Mine cut. The cut's rounded corners and significant culet accentuate the diamond's silhouette, while the measurements of 8.20 x 6.81 x 5.09 mm ensure a commanding presence. This historic diamond cut, with its story steeped in time, is a beautiful homage to the skillful craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Set in a lustrous gold open bezel, the setting not only secures the gem but allows an unobstructed passage of light to dance through the diamond, highlighting its deep amber tones and captivating brilliance. This combination of vintage charm and modern finesse results in a ring that's more than an accessory—it's a conversation piece, a keeper of stories, and a luxurious statement poised to enchant for generations to come.

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