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2.52-Carat Brilliant Round Diamond with Light Golden Maize Hue

SKU: 1917
Sale price$8,000.00

Presenting a true marvel of nature – a 2.52-carat round diamond, resplendent in its light golden maize hue. This exceptional diamond radiates brilliance in every facet, inviting admiring glances from all who behold it.

The diamond's crystal quality is impeccable, casting off a brilliant shimmer that captures the essence of elegance and sophistication. Its round shape further enhances its allure, creating a timeless appeal that makes it a perfect choice for all types of jewelry settings.

What sets this diamond apart is its unique color – a light golden maize that evokes images of sunlit fields of grain, warm and inviting. The color, subtle yet distinct, brings a touch of the natural world into the gemstone, adding to its charm and rarity.

The diamond is also characterized by its natural clarity, evident to the naked eye. Its clean appearance allows its brilliance to shine through without interruption, adding to the overall allure of the gemstone.

In sum, this 2.52-carat round diamond is a true treasure, a perfect embodiment of nature's beauty, captured in a gemstone that shines with an unmatched brilliance. Its light golden maize color and flawless clarity make it a highly sought-after jewel that promises to be a stunning centerpiece in any fine jewelry setting.

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