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2.58-Carat Colombian Emerald Ring in 18K Gold - Size 6.25

SKU: 1891
Sale price$11,300.00

Experience the lush grandeur of this 2.58-carat Colombian Emerald ring, reminiscent of the vibrant beauty of Colombian landscapes. This medium vivid emerald green gem, cushion-shaped and slightly included, captures the serene spirit of a forest, offering a captivating interplay of light within its depths.

Set in an elegant 18K gold bezel, the emerald's soft, rounded corners and square form are perfectly accentuated. The ring's flat proportions further emphasize the stone's remarkable dimensions, resulting in a stunning visual spectacle.

This ring's charm is further enhanced by the unique blue-green hue of the Colombian emerald, a characteristic feature of its origin, making this piece a coveted treasure among precious stones. Size 6.25, it offers the flexibility of adjustment if necessary, ensuring the perfect fit for any wearer.

This 2.58-carat Colombian Emerald ring, encased in 18K gold, symbolizes the wonder of nature, from its rich color to the velvety crystal texture. A timeless symbol of elegance, it is a must-have piece, whether as part of a jewelry collection or to be adorned, radiating enduring beauty and charm.

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