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2.75 CT Cherry-Red Spinel: A Velvety Gem of Rare Beauty

SKU: 1950
Sale price$16,000.00

Introducing a loose gemstone that exudes both elegance and mystery: a stunning cushion-shaped Spinel. Weighing in at 2.75 carats, this gem marvels with its velvety crystal quality and a captivating cherry-red hue, reminiscent of the most passionate romances. Its spread proportions elegantly accentuate its size, giving it an even grander appearance, and with dimensions of 8.57 x 7.05 x 3.64 mm, this Spinel possesses a commanding presence.

What makes this Spinel even more special is its pristine natural state; it boasts no treatments, allowing its raw beauty to shine unhindered. This clarity, described in layman's terms as 'cleanish', further adds to its intrinsic value, making it an excellent choice for connoisseurs and collectors alike.

The gem's authenticity and quality are attested by the AGL (American Gemological Laboratories), one of the most respected names in gemstone certification. Their assessment categorically mentions the gemstone's color as 'Red', reinforcing its impeccable color quality.

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