2.88-Carat Oval Purple Sapphire Gold Ring with Diamond Halo


An anonymous author once wrote, “Indians thought of butterflies as gemstones of the gods, tossed from the heavens to spread beauty.”

Then perhaps this is a flower they pollinated, with its glistening purple sapphire “flower head,” sparkling diamond “petals” and lustrous, original Jogani ring setting!

This 2.88-carat oval purple Sapphire gold ring surrounded by diamonds is a stunning piece of jewelry that features a vibrant purple sapphire gemstone at its center. The sapphire is cut in an oval shape and has a weight of 2.88 carats, which indicates its size and value. The purple sapphire is known for its rarity and is highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The purple sapphire is set in a gold band with unique design touches, and features a smooth, polished finish that adds to the ring's overall elegance. The gold band is designed to provide a comfortable fit, with a width and thickness that are appropriate for the size of the sapphire.

The sapphire is surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds, which are carefully set around the sapphire to accentuate its beauty. The diamonds are of high quality and are selected for their clarity, cut, and color to complement the sapphire and add to the ring's overall aesthetic appeal.

The ring is a piece of jewelry that exudes luxury, elegance, and sophistication. It is a popular choice for special occasions such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations. The ring is also a valuable investment that is sure to increase in value over time, making it a timeless and precious addition to any jewelry collection.

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