2.95-carat Burma Ruby and Diamond Ring

One of the most famous pieces of jewelry in all of history is the ring chosen by Princess Diana for her engagement to Prince Charles, heir apparent to the British throne. This glorious ring is in the same style; however, instead of a blue sapphire at its center, we have an exquisite 2.95-carat ruby from Burma (Myanmar), which has provided the world with its finest rubies.

This particular ruby exhibits the purplish-red body color for which these gems are treasured with no indications of heat treatment, according to the Swiss Gemmological Institute. Burmese rubies also have the ability to fluoresce, or emit light, when stimulated by ultraviolet radiation such as that in sunlight. This makes the color of this stone even more intense and gives it the appearance of being internally illuminated. There’s also the presence of “silk” in Burmese rubies (tiny inclusions that scatter light), which gives this ruby a soft glow across the face.

Surrounding the stone is a halo of 10 round brilliant-cut diamonds as if petals extending from an oval-shaped flower head. Design elements in the gallery area of the ring provide additional extravagance. It’s a magnificent piece perfect for the woman who would like something out of the ordinary and yet with heirloom appeal to mark her betrothal.
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