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3.02-CT Cushion-Cut Diamond

SKU: 2046
Sale price$24,500.00

Discover this unique 3.02 carat cushion-cut diamond, certified by GIA (report number 2235229220). With its warm, peach hue that gently captures the essence of a summer's evening, this diamond stands out for its natural beauty and subtle elegance. It measures 11.51 x 9.73 x 3.18 mm and showcases a faint brown (M) color and VVS1 clarity, indicating it's nearly flawless to the naked eye.

This cushion-shaped diamond has been precisely cut to maximize its sparkle, creating a quiet brilliance that’s both understated and captivating. It’s ideal for anyone looking to add a touch of warmth and character to their jewelry, be it an engagement ring that tells a story or a personal piece that’s meant to stand the test of time.

This diamond isn't just about its rare peach tone; it's about bringing a piece of nature's art into your life. It's perfect for those who appreciate the subtle beauty and the stories behind their chosen gemstones.

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