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3.34-Carat Vivid Green Colombian Emerald

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Discover the natural beauty of this 3.34-carat Colombian Emerald. With its deep, vivid green color, this gemstone captures the lush essence of Colombia's renowned emerald mines. The cushion cut enhances its clarity, bringing out the vibrant hues and intrinsic patterns that make each emerald unique.

Certified by AGL, this emerald's quality and authenticity are assured, providing peace of mind alongside its stunning appearance. Measuring 9.33 x 7.85 x 7.12 mm, it's an ideal size for a statement piece, whether set in a ring, pendant, or kept as a precious addition to your gem collection.

This Colombian emerald combines timeless elegance with the simple beauty of nature. It's a versatile gem that offers both the allure of exotic landscapes and the guarantee of genuine quality, making it a perfect treasure for any gem enthusiast or jewelry maker.

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