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3.35 CT Faint Pink Diamond

SKU: 2066
Sale price$65,000.00

We present a 3.35-carat diamond, noted for its delicate faint pink hue, encapsulating both rarity and subtle beauty. This gemstone comes with a GIA certification, number 6237203117, providing a trustworthy verification of its qualities and exceptional characteristics. It is graded as slightly included (I1), a designation that acknowledges natural inclusions within the gem. These inclusions, intrinsic to its character, subtly complement the diamond without detracting from its overall allure.

Shaped into an old mine cushion, this diamond measures 11.39 x 9.20 x 4.32 mm. The old mine cushion cut, known for its soft, rounded edges and romantic vintage appeal, enriches the diamond's visual impact by enhancing its faint pink color and brilliance. This distinctive cut, reminiscent of historical gemstone faceting techniques, lends the diamond an unparalleled charm and depth, making it an ideal centerpiece for heirloom-quality jewelry or a unique engagement ring.

With its slight pink tint and carefully considered old mine cushion cut, this 3.35-carat diamond stands out as an excellent choice for individuals looking to invest in a gemstone that marries classic elegance with a hint of modern luxury. The GIA certification underscores its quality, ensuring this diamond is ready to become the focal point of any bespoke jewelry piece, symbolizing sophistication and timeless beauty.

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