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33.95 Carat Sugarloaf Emerald

SKU: 166
Sale price$28,000.00

This 33.95-carat emerald is a remarkable stone, certified by AGL (Certification No. 1138857), and stands out with its notable size and captivating hue. The sugarloaf cut, reminiscent of the iconic peak in Rio de Janeiro, accentuates the gem's lush medium green color and depth.

The emerald measures an impressive 26.33 x 21.02 x 7.40 mm and has received minor to moderate oil treatment, which is a common practice to enhance clarity while maintaining its natural beauty.

With its substantial carat weight and unique cut, this emerald combines traditional gemstone craftsmanship with the natural allure of one of the world's favorite gemstones. Whether set as a stunning centerpiece or kept as a loose stone, it represents both a connection to the earth's geological wonders and the human touch that brings its beauty to the fore.

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