4.02 Cushion No Heat Ceylon Sapphire Ring - SKU 1359

SKU: 1359

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Purple sapphires can sometimes be confused with amethyst, a gemstone composed of a violet or purple variety of quartz. Not only are purple sapphires more rare, but they’re also more durable than amethyst, registering a 9 (as opposed to a 7) on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Purple sapphires also have greater clarity and sparkle.

You can clearly see that in this 4.02-carat purple sapphire from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), a top source for the stone. It has a beautiful violet-purple color with great saturation and a lovely light play off the brilliant-cut facets. Here, we’ve placed this special sapphire into an original Jogani ring setting of high-karat yellow gold that complements its color perfectly.

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