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4.22 CT Colombian Lozenge Emerald

SKU: 1928
Sale price$45,000.00

This 4.22-carat Colombian Emerald radiates with a medium green hue, a vibrant testament to its origins among the lush landscapes of Colombia. The octagonal lozenge shape of this gemstone gives it a distinct appeal, with broad facets that capture and reflect light, highlighting its natural beauty and cleanish clarity.

The cut of this emerald strikes a beautiful balance, merging the geometric precision of its octagonal form with the natural charm of the gemstone. Such a cut is particularly adept at showcasing the emerald's rich color, one of the hallmark traits of Colombian emeralds, highly prized in the world of fine gemstones.

Ready for its next chapter, this emerald is poised to become part of a bespoke jewelry creation. It is perfectly suited for anyone looking to craft a piece that honors the gemstone's impressive lineage while making a personal style statement. Set in a ring, pendant, or a unique ensemble, this emerald is a natural masterpiece waiting to be showcased.

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