4.29 Cushion Peruzzi Colored Diamond Ring - SKU 1326

SKU: 1326

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It’s not just the captivating  yellowish-brown color of this 4.29-carat diamond that catches your eye. It’s the sophisticated way it sparkles, courtesy of the antique Peruzzi cut.

Named for Venetian diamond polisher Vincent Peruzzi, the Peruzzi cut was established in the 17th century when the first brilliant-cut diamonds were introduced. Peruzzi reportedly increased the number of facets on a diamond’s crown (upper half) to 33, thereby significantly increasing the brilliance, scintillation and fire of the gem.

This particular Peruzzi-cut diamond also has an SI1 clarity rating, meaning inclusions are only noticeable to a skilled grader under 10x magnification and therefore won’t interfere with the light play. 

Here it is set in a mixed-metal ring with a distinctive round-screw design, which coordinates with the diamond’s color palette while also embracing its beauty and historical appeal.

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