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5.01 CT Flat Cushion Cut Diamond

SKU: 1937
Sale price$40,000.00

Presenting our captivating 5.01-carat cushion cut diamond, a gemstone where classic beauty meets modern luminance. Certified by the GIA, this exquisite diamond shines with a warm white hue, offering a soft and intimate glow. Its tender color, graded N with a clarity of VS1, enhances its allure, making it an embodiment of subtle elegance and refined brilliance.

The cushion cut of this diamond, a timeless symbol of grace, is expertly crafted to balance its historical charm with dazzling scintillation. Despite its flat proportions, the diamond's exceptional crystal quality ensures a brilliant display of light, illuminating every facet with a captivating dance of sparkle and fire. Measuring 14.92 x 12.27 x 3.10 mm, this gem captures the eye with its significant dimensions, offering a commanding presence in any jewelry setting.

This diamond's VS1 clarity rating signifies a high degree of purity, ensuring a brilliant play of light without any significant inclusions to mar its beauty. The transparent journey of light through the diamond's facets is enchanting, creating a mesmerizing effect that promises to captivate from every angle.

More than just a stunning centerpiece, this 5.01-carat cushion cut diamond represents a cherished investment in beauty that transcends time. Perfect for an exquisite engagement ring or a luxurious pendant, this diamond is a symbol of enduring elegance and a testament to the enduring allure of fine gemstones.

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