5.05 Cats Eye Cabochon Brazil Alexandrite Platinum Ring - SKU 217

SKU: 217

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The showpiece for this extraordinary ring is a stunning 5.05-carat alexandrite, a rare color-changing variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. The American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) has certified the stone as “Classic Brazil,” a title reserved only for alexandrites from the region with the finest quality. 

This alexandrite also has two special phenomena. One is a natural color change from a vibrant green-blue in sunlight or fluorescent light, to a stunning reddish-purple in incandescent light. According to the AGL, the color change is prominent and has excellent quality.

The other phenomenon is chatoyancy or the “cat’s-eye effect.” This occurs when light reflects from parallel, needle-like inclusions in the stone to form a thin band across the dome of its cabochon cut that resembles a cat’s narrow pupil. The “cat’s eye” in this case is strong with very good quality.

Set in luxurious platinum, this alexandrite makes an especially versatile jewel for any occasion.

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