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5.66 Carat Step Cut Diamond

SKU: 1860
Sale price$110,000.00

Introducing a marvel of nature and masterful craftsmanship: a 5.66-carat Step Cut Diamond, of icy white color, boasting exceptional brilliance and mesmerizing charm. The diamond measures 9.89 x 9.81 x 6.90 mm and radiates an alluring sparkle that is truly captivating.

With its high crown and large culet, this diamond is uniquely characterized by its chunky proportions, which contribute to the distinctive allure and timeless appeal of the Step Cut. These features work together to amplify the diamond's natural luminosity, creating a brilliant display of light that is absolutely captivating.

The diamond holds a GIA certificate, a testimony to its quality, certifying its color as 'I' and its clarity as VS2. This means the diamond is near colorless, with inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye, preserving its pristine appearance.

The magnificence of this diamond is a tribute to nature's exquisite artistry and the unparalleled skill of the artisan who cut and polished it. Whether you intend to incorporate this gemstone into a piece of fine jewelry or keep it as part of a precious collection, this 5.66-carat Step Cut Diamond is a timeless treasure that is certain to captivate now and for generations to come.

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