Carved Hexagon, Mughal Emerald, 94.13 CT

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Colombian emeralds were enormously popular with the Mughal emperors as symbols of opulence and dignity and as protective talismans. Some Colombian emeralds were even commissioned by the Mughal court to be carved, as seen in this magnificent example, of great importance from the treasury of the Mughal emperors. Its hexagonal shape is embellished with an intricately carved leaf motif along its edges that frames a smoothly polished hexagon within. At 94.13 carats, it also has an astounding weight. This is an outstanding gem with great historical appeal worthy of the most prized collection.

This emerald is certified as a Colombian emerald with insignificant traditional oil by the American Gemological Laboratories.

Few gemstones on the market today offer the beauty, value, history and intrigue like that of Colombian emeralds. Originating mainly in the renowned Muzo, Chivor and Coscuez mines, Colombian emeralds are the only emeralds to form in sedimentary rock, where the geological process gives them their coveted green color, intense color saturation and gorgeous internal qualities. From natives of the New World to modern-day royalty, Colombian emeralds are one of the most sought-after and precious gemstones in the world. To learn more about Colombian emeralds, click here.

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