Diamond, Emerald Cut, 5.50 CT

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This is one half of a dynamic duo of antique Art Deco diamonds. It’s fashioned into a 5.50-carat emerald cut, which is sought after for its sleek design and understated elegance reminiscent of the period. The octagonal shape has a rare elongated size, while the large, open table and parallel rectangular facets highlight the diamond’s pure F color and icy VVS2 clarity as certified by the Gemological Institute of America. This diamond is stunning on its own, but together with its match, makes an incredible pair totaling near 11 carats. Imagine each diamond designed as a ring or together as a striking pair of drop earrings for a look that symbolizes sophistication.

This diamond has a perfect match: Emerald Cut, Diamond, I VVS1, 5.38 Carats.

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